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25,000,000sheets per day, 300,000 books per day.

25 million sheets, this number is achieved with our newly full spec High-speed rotary press, worth over 15 of 10ton trucks of payload. 300 thousand books, this is the production capacity achieved with our saddle stitching book binding. High-speed rotary press able to combine with 3 or 2 machines. This makes it possible to create a B-sized multi paged booklets. With wide variety of optional processes on one stop production for high efficiency, an easy access to Tomei expressway and a capacity with nearly 1700 rolls auto storage, this makes our mass production possible.
*1)converted into B4 single paperB4
*2)converted into Bsized 48kg based paper
*3)in case of A4 booklets

►Shounan 1st Factory

►Shounan 2nd Factory

Other than the usual leaflets and flyers, we are capable of many varieties of products. 3 rotary press can be connected to create a multipage booklets. Installation of Mitsubishi Max series made us possible for a higher efficiency in energy saving and suppression of high frequency noise for a care for the environment.

[Shounan 1st Factory Facility]

[Shounan 2nd Factory Facility

►Shounan Process Factory

From the usual Basic saddle stitching to punching, special folding process and foil stamping. We have a wide range of process that can be handled. Reduction of human error was achieved by the installation of a graphical touch screen and various types of inspection equipment to the binding machines.
[Shounan Process Factory Facility]

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