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1947 July, Founded in Minami Ashigara in Kanagawa pref.

First, it was Lithograph.

1949 May, Capital with 700,000yen and changed to a company organization.
May, Move to Odawara in Kanagawa pref. Lithograph was made with stone and weighs tens of kilograms each.Changing into a use able plate, it would take 2 hours just to polish the stone.Printing a whole day and only able to press 1000 prints.It required a craftsman’s knowledge and skill. We’ve made our Customers vision come to life, one plate by one. The time has changed, and the technology around the printing industry has evolved rapidly. Until now, the philosophy is handed down deeply with in us.The photograph is the lithograph which was used around 1950.
1964 Oct, Established the Odawara Headquarters used to this day.
1970 Nov, Tokyo Division Established.
1972 Oct, Installation of Offset Rotary press.
1972 Dec, Capital increase up to 26,000,000yen.
1979 July, Capital increase up to 52,000,000yen.
1985 Mar, Capital increase up to 78,000,000yen.
1988 Oct, New Odawara Headquarters building completion
1989 Sep, Scitex Corporation’s image processing system implemented.
1992 June, High Definition Printing HBP-700 announced.
1993 Mar, Tokyo Division Moved to Ginza.
1996 Mar, DTP system working in full line.
1996 Nov, Kanagawa industrial technology development awarded to HBP-700.
2001 Oct, Capital increase up to 577,000,000yen.
2001 Oct, Shonan factory completion in Minami Ashigara in Kanagawa pref.
2006 Oct, Capital increase up to 931,000,000yen.
2006 Oct, Shonan 2nd factory completion.
2008 Oct,
JISQ 15001 Privacy mark certified.
2009 Mar, ISO 14001 Environment management system certified.

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