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Bringing the photograph to a whole new level, High Definition Printing HBP-700.

High Definition Printing HBP-700. It is the technology giving around 16times the amount of information against 175 line printing to 700line printing. Overcoming an endless challenge against a stain of a photograph, finally in 1992, pursuing an extremity of duplicability. The 700 line printing, HBP-700 was born. While IT is on the move, the paper media is on the run with constant rise with the new media. That is why we want to value the texture and the feel of the print, and communicating with the sender via print. We are still evolving; with the support from our customers, our craftsman spirits from the day our company was founded.

[The difference of the HBP-700 and the normal printing]

►HBP-700 production examples

Our original graphical process and our original color management system allows us to construct not just photo album. Catalog, poster, clear folders and much more. From planning, to photography and design, it is also built in high-definition full digital workflow, it has produced a variety of products in full support to meet the needs of our customers.

[Mr.Sadaaki Soga talk about HBP-700]

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