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Variation Rich, Production Room

  Flyers in the newspaper is our biggest product. We have an all in one full digital workflow of planning, design, photography, editing process, but we’re are able to customize our workflow in our customers’ demands. Capable with PR magazines, catalogue, leaflets, corporate profile brochures, sales promotion tools, photo albums, book of pictorial records, art items, original calendars and more! Supported with our planning and marketing strategies, cross-media solutions, cooperation with the production, we are able to meet your demands. Also, graphical specialized team are capable with numerous data formats with many applications. Press proof will be as close to the product, with color proofing done by Sheet fed offset press and UV printing machines.

►Flyers and Catalogs

►From Data to Print

Design, photography and editing are all in one full digital workflow. From production to printing, we have a one stop production for a faster delivery. Also, we’ve implemented a 3dsmax and a newly scamera for a high quality design. Our one stop production workflow supports digital manuscript, color proof by the actual press. Until color correction to final print.

[Data specification]

►Designing for Promotional tools

►From Photo Exhibitions to Photo Album and Art Shows.

From planning and building a white dummy, to design, editing, process, sorting, packaging, to shipping we have a one stop full support workflow enabled. From photo exhibition to art shows we fully support from planning, editing to delivery. High Definition 700 line printing HBP-700 our original brand is used in many cases.

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